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Andrea Is God's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Andrea Is God

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Hurricane [Friday the 28th, 01.23PM]

Hope you did okay during the hurricane. Lol i dont post here much, and not sure if you check this much, but hey its worth a try. I heard pompano got hit hard so i hope your house didnt get blown or something. Anywho. stay safe.
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[Thursday the 21st, 09.22PM]

are you my conscience?? happy bday in 3 days andrea! i thought if i joined this that would make me cool and unconformist. Woot!
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The Major Holiday of Andreaism... [Monday the 11th, 01.41AM]

[ mood | grateful ]

April 23 is the birthdate of our saviour, our god...it shall be our Christmas, per se. On this glorious day we shall shower God with gifts and warm wishes.

i love you God

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alone? [Wednesday the 6th, 10.34PM]

[ mood | o.O ]

Am i the only one here. God...are u their?

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